Cancerians are perhaps the strongest of the zodiac signs. In one sitting, they can feel a lifetime worth of emotions that another wouldn’t be able to. Not only do they feel them; they experience them, can handle them with much better grace than some others can, and can learn to lock them away….


zodiacs with superpowers

  • Aries: Super sonic banshee scream
  • Taurus: Can see through walls and such
  • Gemini: Ability to fly
  • Cancer: Ability to talk to animals
  • Leo: Super strength
  • Virgo: Can think of a material they need and they'll have it right in their hands
  • Libra: Can see who is lying to them
  • Scorpio: Mind control
  • Sagittarius: teleportation
  • Capricorn: Never forgetting anything you learned "super smarts"
  • Aquarius: Morph into different people
  • Pisces: Breathing underwater